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What is Slowmation?

A “Slowmation” (abbreviated from “Slow Animation”) is a simplified way for university or school students to design and make a narrated stop-motion animation that is played slowly at 2 frames/second to explain a concept or tell a story. The explanation can be enhanced with text or music and is an engaging way to learn because students conduct research and use their own technology to design a sequence of representations culminating in the slowmation, which is a multimodal digital representation.

Slowmation was created by Professor Garry Hoban from the Faculty of Social Sciences’ School of Education at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Explanation of slowmation (MP3, 380 KB)

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Disclaimer: As the animations on this site are created by school or university students to represent their understandings, the accuracy of the content is checked but cannot be guaranteed.