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The initial funding for this project including the web site construction was provided by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (DP 0879119) 2008-2010, Generating Science Content Knowledge through Digital Animation in a Knowledge-building Community of Preservice Teachers. This is a collaboration between the University of Wollongong, Monash University and the University of British Columbia.

Additional funding to enhance the site was provided by the Australian Teaching and Learning Council ($140,000) and Universities Australia ($40,000).

Research Teams

University of Wollongong, Australia

Garry Hoban (Project Leader), Wendy Nielsen, Charles Carcellor (ARC Project Manager), Julie Clark (ALTC Project Manager), Brian Ferry, Trent Whittaker, Tania Mans, Anthony McKnight, Lisa Kervin, Carol Thomas (Universities Australia Project Manager), Debbie Wray and Grant Ellmers.

Monash University, Australia

John Loughran, Amanda Berry, Stephen Keast, Rebecca Cooper and Marilyn Fleer.

Science Education research group at Monash University

University of British Columbia, Canada

Gaalen Erickson, Anthony Clarke and Vetta Vratulis.

Centre for the Study of Teacher Education at the University of British Columbia


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